The Future of Area Rugs: Trends and Predictions for 2022


As we look ahead to 2022, it’s clear that area rugs are still on the rise. Homeowners and decorators alike are turning to area rugs to add warmth, character, and texture to their spaces. To make sure you’re uptodate on the latest trends and designs for the upcoming year, we’ve provided a guide of everything you need to know about the future of area rugs.


Types of Area Rugs

Area rugs come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, sizes, and fabrics; everything from traditional Persian rugs to flatweave jute rugs. Synthetic materials like nylon and polypropylene are most common as they’re durable and stainresistant. However, natural fibers like wool, cotton, silk, and jute remain popular for those who seek more organic materials or natural colors.


Current Trends in Area Rugs

In 2021 we’ve seen an increase in earthy tones like olive green and beige while bright jewel tones like sapphire blue are also popular choices for everyone from minimalists to maximalists alike. Geometric designs have also become very trendy this year; many homeowners opting for Moroccan inspired diamond shapes or bold abstract patterns in their space. Similarly large scale patterns in neutral colors can be a great way to distinguish a particular space within an open floor plan layout while still maintaining a cohesive look throughout your home.


Future Predictions for 2022 Area Rug Designs

Vintage inspired rugs with distressed finishes are expected to be big in 2022 as they create unique looks that won’t come across as too dated or trend driven— making these pieces easy to mixandmatch with other elements


Popular Area Rug Materials

Are you looking for the perfect area rug for your home? Whether you’re remodeling an existing space, adding a fresh style to your living room, or creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, there are a variety of popular area rug materials to choose from. Wool is one of the most popular materials used for area rugs. It’s soft and durable, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Wool area rugs also come in a range of colors and textures that can add timeless charm and character to any room.


Cotton is another excellent material when it comes to area rugs because it’s strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. You can find cotton area rugs in various colors and designs—from subtle neutral tones to vibrant contemporary styles. Cotton also has the added benefit of providing years of comfort with minimal wear and tear.


Synthetic fibers are also popular for area rugs because they’re less expensive than wool or cotton while still providing a longlasting product. Most synthetic fibers are made from nylon or polyester which offer stain resistance as well as strength and durability without compromising on style or comfort. If you’re looking for something that will stay vibrant over time, then synthetic fibers are the way to go.


When it comes to decorating your home with an area rug, there are plenty of options available depending on your needs and preferences. Depending on the type of material you choose, you’ll enjoy different benefits from each one—so make sure you consider all the pros and cons before making your final decision!


Design Style Trends for 2022

As we look ahead to 2022, it’s time to start looking at some design trends to be aware of for the coming year—especially as it relates to area rugs. When it comes to design for 2022, one color that is sure to be a trend is earth tones. Expect shades of brown, green, and gray to be popular choices in this realm. Not only are these colors aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide an inviting space with a cozy atmosphere.


Another trend when it comes to area rugs is texture. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic or eyecatching, textured rugs can make an excellent choice for spicing up your space. Whether you opt for something shaggy or something vibrant and abstract, texture is sure to bring life into any room.


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No matter what style trends you decide to incorporate into your design plan in 2022, don’t forget these key features – earth tones; textured rugs; and online appointment booking capabilities – and you’ll be sure to craft an area rug look that will be sure to impress!


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Rugs

The area rug is an integral piece of interior design that adds style and comfort to any space. As the world slowly moves towards environmental sustainability, ecofriendly and sustainable rugs are quickly becoming an important trend in home decor. In 2022, we can expect to see a focus on ecofriendly materials, reducing environmental impact, and natural fibers and dyes.


Ecofriendly rugs use sustainable materials such as jute, seagrass, sisal, organic cotton, or wool instead of synthetic fibers like nylon or polypropylene. These natural fiber carpets are not only better for the environment, but they’re also more durable and can last much longer than the average synthetic rug. They also tend to be more comfortable to walk on!


When it comes to disposing of old carpets or rugs, look into companies that specialize in taking them away for reuse or recycling. Not only will this help reduce your environmental footprint but it will also keep your home tidy and free from clutter.


In terms of design trends for 2022, expect to see low pile and low VOCs carpet designs that provide comfort without sacrificing style. Natural shades like tans and greys will be popular over bright colors as people strive for a more relaxed aesthetic in their homes. Other popular trends include recycled materials like plastic bottles being woven into new carpets as well as intricate patterns and textures made out of sustainable sources like bamboo or seagrass.


Ecofriendly rugs have become popular because they offer both style and comfort without compromising on sustainability. This trend is likely to continue well into 2022 so if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious way to add warmth and texture to your


Color Trends in Area Rugs for 2022

As we look to 2022, we’re seeing a move away from subtle, neutral colors for area rugs and towards bold and bright colors. Whether you’re looking for something that adds a statement to any room or you want to draw your guests in with a natureinspired pattern, color trends for area rugs are all about making an impact. For those who are looking for something luxurious, textures of all kinds are set to be popular—think velvety chenille rugs or plush shags.


Ethnic and geometric motifs have always been popular choices for area rugs, but the new trends suggest that they will become even more soughtafter in the coming year. Whether you opt for something traditional or prefer to go for something more modern, these motifs can add texture and interest to any room.


Those who are looking for sustainable choices will be pleased to know that natural fabric area rugs, like jute and sisal (made from plant fibers), are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their durability and sustainability credentials. These types of area rugs also tend to be soft underfoot and can add warmth to a room without compromising on style.


On the other hand, if you prefer more vibrant prints then you can expect plenty of them in 2022 too. Colorful centerpieces featuring abstract designs, floral patterns, or even tropical scenes could be just what you need if you’re looking to make a bold statement. Of course, seen as though it’s 2022 don’t forget about adding the perfect touch of rustic elements like braided wool or rug pads featuring texture weaves!


Finally, contrasting colors will also continue to be trending in the world of interior


Textures & Patterns to Look Out For

When it comes to planning your decor for the upcoming year, textures and patterns are an important consideration. As we look ahead to 2022, here are some of the top textures and patterns to look out for in area rugs:


Soft Texture: To create a cozy atmosphere, look for rugs with soft texture like chenille. This can have a calming effect on your space. Look for rugs with subtle patterns that will complement the larger pieces of furniture in the room.


Geometric Pattern: Geometric designs add a modern touch to any room. Whether you choose bold and intricate patterns or more delicate designs, geometric shapes can bring visual depth to a room’s interior design.


Fringe: Adding fringe is a great way to bring some dimension and texture into a room without being too overbearing. Plus, fringe looks great when used as an accent on area rugs.


Natural Fiber: Natural fiber rugs are perfect for creating an earthy feel in any space. Materials like jute or sisal will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere while still being durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.


No matter what type of texture or pattern you choose for your area rug, make sure it complements the overall style of your home. After all, it’s an essential part of making your vision come alive! With the right rug and careful planning, you’ll be sure to create the perfect look for 2022!


Surprising Shapes, Sizes, and Cutouts

The area rug industry is one that is constantly evolving and adapting to the latest trends. In 2021 and beyond, more and more manufacturers are taking inspiration from the world of fashion and incorporating some of the same concepts into their rugs. One of the greatest advantages of area rugs is their ability to adapt to any design style, whether it be contemporary or traditional. This trend is becoming increasingly popular within the industry as manufacturers begin exploring surprising shapes, sizes, and cutouts.


Innovative shapes and sizes are changing the way people are decorating their homes with area rugs . You can now choose from a wide variety of unique cutouts and geometric designs when deciding on which rug fits best with your home decor. Nontraditional shapes like hexagon, octagon, or diamond shaped rugs have been making an appearance in some homes. These types of rugs can provide a modern twist on traditional motifs without being too out there in terms of styling.


The combination of various textures and fabrics is another way designers are creating unique pieces for consumers to enjoy. For example, thicker wool blend options are becoming more popular due to their durability and comfort factor while also providing extra cushioning underfoot. Attention to detail when handcrafting these rugs has made them a popular choice amongst those looking for statement pieces in their home decor. Modern techniques for rug production have also allowed designers to expand upon traditional manufacturing methods while maintaining high quality standards for each piece they create.


When it comes to colors, this year has seen a surge in vibrant hues such as bright pink, yellow, green or blue which really bring life out any room they’re placed in! If you’re looking for something more subtle yet eye


Get Ready to Explore the Latest Area Rug Trends!

When it comes to home décor, area rugs can add an extra layer of style and texture to any room. As we look ahead to 2022, there’s an exciting range of trends emerging that will give you plenty to explore!


One of the biggest trends for 2022 includes contemporary rugs that incorporate vibrant colors with intricate geometric patterns. These rugs are perfect for creating energy in a space, and can be used to layer over existing carpets or even as a centerpiece for a room.


In addition, natural fibers are making a comeback and offering plenty of options for sustainable floor coverings. Natural wool, jute, sisal, seagrass and coir are great choices for ecofriendly rugs, and they provide excellent durability and insulation properties too.


Lastly, specialty rugs such as round or oval shaped rugs will remain popular and offer a fun alternative to traditional rectangular rugs. These soft edges create an inviting atmosphere in any space while still providing practical advantages like easy placement under furniture or around doorways.


Regardless of your style preferences or budget constraints, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rug that fits your needs when you explore the latest area rug trends for 2022! And if you need help planning your project – from design ideas to booking professionals – check out software solutions like booking software for small business, online booking system for small business, online appointment scheduling software such as Square Online Booking, Acuity Booking or 10to8 Booking. These platforms provide free appointment scheduling apps like SetMore Booking which make it easy to manage appointments with expert service providers who share your passion for interior design!


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